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Hooked Detox will help you lose weight, increase your health and energy without starving!

Put your body back into fat-burning mode and get ready for amazing results.

Cleanse your body of harmful toxins that make you fat and threaten your health.

Have your digestive system running smoothly and heal your gut.

Beat belly bloating and help your abs look flatter and more prominent

  • Completely stop the bloating and see your belly flattening out. You might even see those sexy toned abs even if you haven’t seen them in a while
  • Bring in a flood of new energy into your daily life. Wake up feeling good and rested, even if you normally wake up tired and need coffee to get anything done.
  • Give your mind a little love. Detoxify your brain from the effects of contaminants, toxins, and inflammation.  
  • Reset your body and put it into fat-burning mode by eating nutritious food that will work as a medicine for your body
  • Boost your confidence up to the roof even if your confidence level is currently down on the floor
  • Put your mind at ease for 3 days! You have the shopping list and recipes for every meal over the next 3 days of detox. Save yourself some time by meal prepping
  • Remember, it’s all about feeling good! Looking good will follow.

    Hooked 3-Day Detox is something our trainer Holly Dolke created to help herself after being diagnosed with IBS. She used this exact method to deal with her hormonal imbalance, being swollen, moody, tired and bloated 24/7. After doing our detox she instantly started to feel better, her energy level gone up, she was no longer waking up tired and bloated. She was finally feeling confident again in her body!

    Thousands of women (a lot of them did it with their partners) have also re-booted their health by de-bloating and increasing their energy. Some of them flattened their belly, and some of them even get a super sexy flat belly + the fun bonus of losing up to 7 lbs.

    Funny thing is that almost 90% of people didn’t have any experience with cleansing. And every single one of them who followed the detox had amazing results both physically and mentally. 

    Ready to kick that bloat in the butt and gain a flat belly while skyrocketing your energy?

    3-day meal plan and a shopping list with help you save time and money you would usually spend eating out or eating junk food. You have literally nothing to lose (except a few pounds and the constant bloating).

    Still not sure whether the Hooked 3 Day Flat Belly Detox is for you? You feel like you can’t do it? 

    We want you to feel confident that you can do it. Even if you believe that your age or genetics is the reason popular diets don’t work for you. This detox worked for many people that were not convinced that will actually give them the result.


    Join thousands of women who were struggling to lose weight and decrease their bloating. This 3-day Detox can literally change your body and will give your brain the clarity to cope with any challenge


    • full shopping list (budget-friendly)
    • menu (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
    • recipes
    • tips and tricks
    • warm and cold foods
    • nutritious foods
    • no skipping meals
    • Holly's best advice on what to do next


    We understand, and we want you to feel completely comfortable before deciding to commit to my 3 Day Detox. Here are some more testimonials of people who lost weight, increased their energy levels, and ended up feeling better both mentally and physically.


    Intense feelings of anxiety


    Skin problems


    AND excess body fat

    Are you ready to completely cleanse, have more energy and lose the weight FAST?