This 14 day at home program will help you boost your metabolism, get leaner and gain confidence!

Over the past few years, our lifestyles have become more and more sedentary. We find ourselves attached to a desk, the sofa or sitting in a car.

The less active we become, the more we gain additional pounds, feel insecure and fatigued.

We end up using multiple excuses to not exercise, or make healthier choices... which is something we in all honesty need to stop doing.

There’s been more emphasis placed on aerobic activities like brisk walking, swimming and running, but there has been little encouragement for resistance training.

Unfortunately, all we’re focusing on these days is removing excess fat instead of mental and physical health.

And that’s what I want to show you today …

Why strength training is just as important as cardio, how to use that to your advantage, get healthier, more confident and lose weight at the same time!

All by using ONE tiny piece of equipment from the comfort of your home!

However, before I do that, you need to know why…


See, when you neglect strength training and just focus on cardio…

You can end up slowing down your metabolism due to losing lean muscle mass.

Which then can lead to elevated levels of cortisol, joint pain, etc…

Which in turn can lead to negative self-talk and frustration…

All of which can make you feel like giving up and being confused.

If you have ever felt like…

  • You don't feel strong enough 
  • Your muscles refuse to appear leaner
  • Can't drop the extra few pounds even though you do cardio exercises most days of the week

Then this is a sign that you need to start incorporating resistance training!

See, when you add in resistance training, you start to build more muscle and lose fat, which will help you to appear leaner.

This ultimately leads you to feel happier and more confident!

Meaning less stress and less cortisol in your body.

Luckily, I have discovered a 15-minute routine that can help you easily boost your metabolism, strengthen your body and gain total confidence without stepping foot outside your home and still using your bodyweight! 



A 2-week full-body program that’s designed to tone your muscles and boost your metabolism with just 15-minute workouts

So you can tone up, burn calories, and feel stronger.

All you need for your resistance workouts are set of both short and long body bands.

Within just 2 weeks of following the TOTAL BODY PROGRAM, you'll notice:

  • Every single muscle being worked to help get you that lean body
  • Calories being burnt during your sessions as cardio is also incorporated when strength training
  • A confidence boost as you gain strength and energy! 

This is the PERFECT program to do if you are new to resistance training, or if you are an avid lover of bodyweight exercises, just like me, since resistance bands help to tone you without adding bulk!

So you see, this program will help you EASILY become more confident and happy so you can feel energetic every single day!

Normal Price: $47

Yours Today For: $37

Today You're Saving 21%


  • The 14-day full-body at-home training program, with follow-along videos from your trainer Holly and guided audios
  • Workouts that are rotated for the first 6 days to work different body parts so that you can give yourself a rest. We have upper body, lower body, core, full body, cardio and stretching!
  • A stretching routine to help recover and lengthen your muscles 
  • Lifetime access to this program so you can use it at any time to continue building up your strength and losing weight
  • PLUS A GIFT FROM HOLLY: additional workouts you can do with the bands in a PDF, so you can keep challenging yourself.
  • Normal Price: $47

    Yours Today For: $37

    Today You're Saving 21%



    I have finished BB programme for the 2nd time, this time using the
    P resistance bands with each exercise. The difference? Huge!
    The bands helped me engage my muscles MUCH more, which
    resulted in real pain the next day, but with a better feeling of doing
    the exercises properly.
    (PS: the "Butt and leg home workout" video in combination with the
    bands steals your ability to walk for the next two days. 😂)


    1. I’m just starting, is this program something I can do as a beginner?

    Yes. This program is for all levels! It’s designed to challenge everyone from the beginning and to really push you. 

    This program has been made easy with a schedule and real-time workouts. Besides, you'll also get support and accountability from the members in the private Pink Dragon community.

    2. Will I be able to lose weight?

    Yes. As you lose weight, you will gain muscle. This is why the scales cannot always be a good indicator! When you begin to drop fat, you will see a firmer body alongside a boosted metabolism, more energy, increased strength and overall confidence.

    3. What if I have sore muscles, should I continue?

    That is completely normal! The good thing about this program is that we rotate to different body parts so that you can give yourself a rest. There is also a stretching day included, which really helps to get deep into those muscles to relieve any tension.

    Of course, if you feel too sore to continue, take a break! An additional rest day is absolutely fine and since you have lifetime access, you can come back to the program whenever you want.

    4. What equipment do I need to follow this program?

    For this program, you will need both long and short fabric bands.

    If you already have your own bands, great - just click the purchase program and get started. If you are needing your own pack of resistance bands then click on buy full package, where you will be able to purchase the program plus short and long bands. If you already own one set, you have the option to just buy one.

    6. What if I want to follow the program for longer than just two weeks?

    You can continue to do this program for as long as you like with your lifetime access. 

    7. Ok, I’ve decided! Where can I sign up?

    Great decision! To sign up, decide which option you would prefer and click on the button below. Once you complete the purchase, you’ll receive all the necessary information in your email.