This Could Be The Reason Why You Aren't Seeing Results!

Find Out How To Accelerate Your Results

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Starting your health and fitness journey can be so exciting!

You set yourself a goal and purchase a workout program …

You show up every day and give it your all for the exercises.

But end up not seeing the results as quickly as you want.

Leaving you feeling demotivated and confused about what to do! 

Why do some women see results faster than others even when following the same plan?

What secret do they have that you might not? 

Well, there is a very simple answer to that. 

It's all down to nutrition.

And we don't mean following some basic, box-sized nutrition plan 

We all have different bodies and goals...

So what exactly are you meant to do?

Eat Right For Your Body  

Naturally Boost YOUR Metabolism! 

And before we tell you exactly what you can do and how…

Let me explain why nutrition is KEY for your health and fitness goals

You see, nutrition is 70% part of your fitness goals and 30% is down to workouts. 

They go hand in hand. 


  • Proper nutrition will maximise your workout performance.
  • Without enough food, you can feel tired during a workout and not perform at your best
  • Nutrition supports muscle recovery by reducing inflammation

Not only that, but we need all 3 macronutrients (macros)! 

Macros are three categories of nutrients that you eat the most and give your body energy, and those are:

✅ Carbohydrates are our bodies preferred source of fuel. They give us the energy we need to go about our day and maximise workouts.

✅ Proteins  are important for building muscle as well as the repair and recovery of bones, joints, and ligaments after a workout.

✅ Fat keeps us full and satisfied, helps cushion our bones and joints, and increases the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, E, and D

Now, how do you make sure you are eating all the right foods? 


You Follow A Self-built Nutrition Plan That’s Tailored Specifically To YOUR Requirements

Take out all the guesswork and work alongside a qualified nutrition coach.

Eat right for your body…

And ask your coach anything you like.

So you can see the results you want! 

And guess what? 

Here at Hooked, we have arranged this all for you, for just $1! 

Get access today to a customised nutrition program led by a highly qualified nutritionist, Brenda Peralta…

Who’s a Registered Dietitian and health coach

We are extremely lucky to have welcomed Brenda into Hooked as she’s usually super busy with clients…

And her coaching programs get filled months in advance…

What Other Women Have To Say ... 

Nutrition has always been a hard topic for me, understanding the number of portions on every meal and what works and what does not work. The challenge became harder when I started my second marathon process since I was not under a plan previously. That’s when Brenda became a key player. She has taken the time to guide me in understanding every meal plan. We worked together to adjust it to my needs. I can say that I have never achieved better results. I have completed my second marathon healthy and strong.

– Rebeca

When I started this journey, I had issues not only with my weight; but I was also dealing with health problems, such as PCOS and fatty liver.

Thanks to the guidance and support of Brenda, I was able to embrace a change in the way I eat and combine it with exercise routines. Today, I can say that I have lost 20 kilos (44 pounds) and that I no longer have PCOS; furthermore, my liver is almost healed.

I cannot thank enough to Brenda for all the support provided during this process.

– Isabel


However, for our VIPs like you, we struck a special deal with her – and she has agreed to take on the FIRST 50 women only in this private nutrition program!

As soon as you sign up for this program, Brenda is going to:

  • Show you how to correct your daily habits, suited to your body's needs, so that you get long-lasting and sustainable results using the bulletproof 3X Method.
  • Do weekly check-ins via video to make sure you’re on track to hit your goals
  • Provide private 1-on-1 access via 24/7 direct chat whenever you need any help from her

With Brenda in your corner, you’ll have the BEST chance to achieve a healthier, toned body…

And transform yourself into the best shape of your life!

All for just $1 for the first 14 days!*

You don’t have to decide today …

Today you have an amazing opportunity to try Coaching for the whole 14 days! 

And you can cancel before we charge you more …

So what do you say?

Try this limited, and exclusive trial into Hooked Coaching today! 

And begin to see how you can eat right for your body … 

And start working with your workouts,

Instead of against them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a meal plan to follow the Coaching Program?

I know it might sound like you get one and you may feel like that is what you need. But that is not what coaching is all about. The whole point of the Coaching is that you will quickly learn how to build healthy habits by adapting your meals to your body's needs. Meaning you’ll get all the advice you need to do that and have 24/7 availability from Brenda to help you out. You will learn how to do this coming from a place of knowledge that you will apply to your day to day life, as opposed to sticking to a schedule that gives you no flexibility.

How does the Coaching work?

It’ll take you some time to get used to it, but you’ll feel and see the results of this process soon. First of all, you’ll get a form that you will need to fill out in order for Brenda to give you her first guidance. 

After that, you’ll check the guide you’ll receive right after your purchase and see all the macros you can choose from and start there… everything is written in that guide. But if you have more questions you can always contact Brenda! 

Then, you’ll just need to track the food you intake and write it down in the spreadsheet (this is also already prepared for you). This spreadsheet is the KEY to your success because Brenda will be looking at it and giving you feedback and guidance to improve your body's health and achieve the results you want.

How long is the Coaching program?

The coaching program lasts for full 3 months as a minimum. This way you can learn from the small steps, through to being independent and fully understanding your body and its needs.

Three months is a perfect period to take the knowledge you’ll get and use it without even thinking about the macros. And it’s the time you have full availability of Brenda to guide you. If you want to carry on with Brenda after the 3 months, you are of course most welcome to! 

Who is Brenda?

Brenda is a Registered Dietitian and health coach. She believes that incorporating your favorite foods (within reason) is part of a healthy diet. It takes education (which is crucial for a weight loss journey) and learning how to listen to your body’s biofeedback (sleep, digestion, stress, and energy) to have the results you want.

Her credentials:

- Registered Dietitian
- Health Coach
- Sports Nutritionist
- Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
- Fertility Nutritional Advisor
- Diabetes Educator
- Women’s Health Specialist

How much does it cost?

The program is a subscription module, meaning you’ll be charged $124 each month for three months.

But if you join today, you have the option to try it out for 14-days at a $1 cost. This is literally nothing when you think about it. And you can use this time to be sure that this is the program you want and need. So what do you have to lose?

Are You Ready?