Sometimes a lot of women get stuck when trying to achieve their goals …

And this is not just some rare thing that happens to just a few women.

This is something that happens to A LOT!

Are you no longer seeing results? Is your motivation fading?

Anger, agitation, confusion … A lot of emotions can start to build up.

And you shouldn’t take any of the blame for this!

You're working out every day, looking after what you eat and are eager to make a change in your lifestyle..

In fact, you have every right to feel confused! 

So, what if we told you there is a solution?

A solution to actually getting results in 8 weeks?

Confidence. A toned body.


But before you read about WHY you need this program, first we have to tell you...

This is a completely new workout structure, where you’ll be combining different workout methods at once.

You’ll be working out with HIIT, dance and Holly's unique method of Small Muscle Activation workouts.

YES, all that in one program!

Meaning you’ll tone up your body, sculpt your muscles, build your endurance and you’ll burn any excess fat!

The way Lean Extreme is designed ensures it will bring you the fastest, long term results in just 8 weeks!

Demonstrations of each workout are provided and you simply do the reps or follow the timer. Compete against yourself and improve more each time.

You see, Lean Extreme is all about you!

Your technique, your endurance and your body.

Interested, right? Who wouldn’t be!


Time and Quality

This program is designed for you to take as much time as you need on each exercise to ensure your technique is right. No matter how long each circuit takes you, it's always about quality over quantity for results.

Small Muscle Activation Method

Small Muscle Activation focuses on getting you an all rounded, balanced and toned body, which will build up stronger and leaner muscles.

Our Small Muscle Workouts are well thought out movement combinations to work each muscle to create long, lean lines … without the bulk!

Muscle Memory

Working out the same routine over and over again may sound boring, but it’s crucial for muscle memory! That's why in Lean Extreme, you repeat your circuit for a certain amount of days, and then switch. Why? Well, at the beginning of each exercise that you’re doing for the first time you have to concentrate on the execution … and by repeating that routine for just a set amount of time, your muscles will become accustomed to it, so you can get the correct execution, and endurance before moving onto the next level.

And the added bonus? Even if you take a break, your muscles will remember the exercise and pick up where you left off!

Mind to Muscle Connection

For the correct execution of each workout you need to focus on every single muscle in your body, and to truly activate it, you need to use what we call, your mind-muscle connection to really push yourself!


The workouts rotate weekly, so you can really push yourself and see the progress with every week. This way, you’ll build up endurance, stamina and strength, and then you are ready to move onto the next level as the muscles will have already gotten used to those particular movements!

Motivation and Accountability

There’s 33.000+ women to encourage and motivate one another. We all need accountability and this is the best possible way to achieve that! With the purchase of this program, you’ll be invited to join our exclusive, private Facebook community, where we share our wins, situations, stories and motivate each other.


Healthy Snacks

Snacking is where a lot of people undo the good work they’ve put into their workouts, which is why I created this guide. I’ll share with you 18 of my favorite pre-bought healthy snacks you can pick up from the store (these are perfect for when you’re hungry but don’t have time to cook). And I’ll also reveal 9 of my go-to recipes that are easy to make yourself, such as sweet potato chips, greek yogurt ice cream, banana bread, and even chocolate. These snacks taste like divine treats, but are made with ingredients that’ll help you get and stay slim.

Healthy Food On A Budget

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, this bonus guide reveals how to save big money on your food budget by making a few simple tweaks. You’ll discover what certain food labels really mean and which ones you may wish to avoid. And when you follow my 9 simple rules that I outline here, you’ll be surprised how much further your dollars stretch when buying healthy food.

Eat Out Guide

Eating out in restaurants with friends or family can cause a lot of confusion about what to order. You can still enjoy yourself and have delicious meals without overindulging and regretting it later. This guide will show you some simple strategies that make eating out a breeze, even for some of the most popular fast food places.

Alcohol Guide

Because believe it or not, you don’t have to give up alcohol — or your social life — to get in the best shape of your life. This guide shows you what drinks are okay to indulge in… as well as which ones you should avoid at all costs. And for when you're eating while you’re drinking alcohol, discover my simple “P and V” trick that means you won’t ever have to worry about that food getting stored as body fat.

Curb Your Cravings

Craving certain foods you should avoid can feel like torture. But this 22-page guide will help you put an end to your cravings once and for all. You’ll discover the real reason you get cravings, along with a simple trick that can eliminate the feeling in a matter of minutes. Plus, I’ll also show you some simple food swaps you can make for when you’re craving something sweet or savory. And I'll also share some of my bonus “naughty” recipes that are surprisingly healthy.

Stress Management

Not only can stress lead to a number of health problems, it can also make it harder to lose weight. That’s why I created this guide, which will help you identify your personal stress triggers and manage them so they don’t have any power over you. There are 4 different stress solutions you’ll discover, and many women tell me they feel more relaxed and calm almost instantly when applying these techniques.


Normal Price: $89.99

Today Yours For: $77

You're Saving 15% + You Get A LIFETIME ACCESS


Ok,  maybe this is what you need…

Let me show you some of the amazing women that have already started this program and are seeing results! As well as some who have finished. The transformations are incredible! 

Amazing, right? 

So don’t wait!

Take action and begin your journey to a new, confident you! This is the THING you have been looking for that is going to make the difference in your life.

Normal Price: $89.99

Today Yours For: $77

You're Saving 15% + You Get A LIFETIME ACCESS


We're so confident you’ll get life changing results with Lean Extreme that I personally guarantee your success. In the rare case that you’re not thrilled with your results from the program, simply contact my friendly customer support team and they’ll issue you with a full refund, no questions asked.


Hey lovely! I'm Holly and I have been creating fitness content since 2015 when I started my YouTube channel. This became a place for me to share my personal struggles with losing weight and how I overcame them by avoiding mainstream media advice. 

I can't wait to teach you some of my top secrets for staying fit at home—and not only transforming your body physically but empowering your mind so you can feel confident in your own skin. This is all about changing your mindset on fitness for the long run.


I’m a beginner. Will this work for me?

Yes. This program is for all levels. It’s designed to challenge everyone from the beginning and to really push you. With every new week you will feel stronger and eager for a new challenge! 

Everything is outlined in an easy-to-follow manner, and showing you step-by-step how to do each exercise. Besides, you'll also get support and accountability from the members in the private Pink Dragon community.

Do I need a gym membership or equipment?

No! You don't need a gym or any equipment. You can do the workouts from anywhere, which saves you time and money.

Is this really just a one-time payment and how does the guarantee work?

Yes, it really is just one time payment and then you’ll never be charged again. As for the guarantee, it’s for 30 days and unconditional. That means you can receive a refund for any reason at all, even if you never try out the program to begin with. Obviously you should take this advantage and the time to test it out, because the results it will get you are more than worth it.

How do I get started with Lean Extreme?

Well first off, great decision. What you need to do is click the big button below now. That’s going to take you to an order page where you fill in your details so we can process your payment and get your access instructions sent to your email address.

Normal Price: $89.99

Today Yours For: $77

You're Saving 15% + You Get A LIFETIME ACCESS